About Peerless

Beauty, simplicity, versatility, truly Canadian

If we could describe Peerless in four words, we’d say it’s beautiful, versatile, simple and truly Canadian.
Ok that’s five, but we make things differently.


Never mastered your rebel frieze? With Peerless carpets, that’s what we do best. This, and also loop pile, cut and loop, textured and cut pile. And they’re all fabulous.


No matter your lifestyle, Peerless is for you. And your family. And your pets. Even the neighbor's kids (and their awakening messy artistic talents).


We know what you want: lasting colors, original design, good air quality, no dirt, no smells, no stains… It’s simple, we know it and we’re giving it to you.

Truly Canadian

Carpets made by Canadians, for Canadians. This means high-quality products, a thorough inspection during and after the manufacturing process and the strongest construction methods and fibers.

With access to premier designers, innovative manufacturing techniques and advanced fiber and carpet treatment technology, Peerless has the perfect carpet to fit your unique space.

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Beaulieu International Group

Beaulieu International Group is a well-respected industrial group with headquarters in Belgium. It holds an important market position both in the production of raw materials and intermediate goods, and the supply of perfectly finished floorcoverings.

Beaulieu International Group is composed of three business units. Flooring Solutions, is a worldwide leader in wall-to-wall floorcoverings (carpet, needle felt, artificial grass, cushion vinyl, vinyl planks, laminate, parquet, wall panels and mats). A second business Unit, 'Polymers', produces polypropylene granules for numerous applications. The third business unit ‘Engineered Products’, houses the activities related to ‘Fibres’, ‘Yarns’, ‘Technical Textiles’ and ‘Technical Sheets’.

Another division of Beaulieu International Group is specialized in the development and production of quality upholstery fabrics for the sofa industry.

Beaulieu International Group has more than 5,000 employees in 27 plants, 16 representative offices and distribution centres spread across 16 countries. In 2017, the turnover was close to €2 billion.

The Beaulieu International Group's entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ambitions make it the model of diversity and evolution within the sector. They allow it to create added value sustainably for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and for the a well-respected industrial group with society in which it operates.